President’s Message

AUM OLDAGE HOME is the pious step towards the benefit / well-being of those citizens who, during their active and capable days made heavy contribution for their family/ off springs, society, community and the country. An idea, which came as an inspiration through a sorrowful self-pitied relating by an old age citizen who had to go on loving the hell-like life with their well to do son and his family, and also my elated determination became the root of this Home.

It is the dream of each and every senior citizen to be able to live comfortably, happily, easily and closely at the later days of their lives when they are physically weaker. At AOA, we endeavor to set such mechanism of providing a comfortable, happy close and easy life within a caring and orderly environment where the senior citizens are provided opportunities of meeting their social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical needs. This includes an opportunity even to own and share the fatherly, motherly sentimental love towards a child by adoption of an orphan : application to those who meet the defined criteria. Thus, AOH offers a broad platform where existence is complemented by natural, emotional, cultural and social development. Naturally, as further steps, there will be measures to see that the orphans (as they grow on) get the best possible education (apart from up- bringing), which convert them into confident well-rounded individual and organizations.

We value the role of Nepali citizens as well as other individuals and organizations from other countries, in making this organization very much able in delivering to the exact manner by their laudable contributions.

Soorya Ram Shrestha


Aum Oldage Home

Co-Founder’s Message

Nepal is famous all over as a Mountain Country and situated just on the top of Mount Everest “Roof of the World”, is a country with is custom & social attitudes seldom “BASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM” (THE WHOLE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY). Being a pilgrimage place for Hindus and Buddhists, owing the existence of world – famous PASHUPATI NATH having the pride of being the birth place of Lord Buddha, and having been in practice of food moral and social values price long, we have faith on the natural and religious teaching to give/ show/ provide long and kindness towards the elderly people - especially the deprived lots. Thus, the right to live easily and happily at the later stages of life should be the most important and prime subject of all of us. Obviously, our accumulated attempt to transform society and our country into a modern justified and developed one; socially and economically, will also be determined by the quality of life imported /provided to our two- privileged old – aged citizens. So, the foundation of this prestigious Home plans for allocation for the inhabitants a worthy and satisfied life.

Ours is complete Home, with residential facilities with all the refused ingredients of day to day life. We are committed in our mission, believing that this Home will seat one of best environment for affection Old-age care and support while encouraging mutual responsibility and a sense of community.

Mrs. Rohini Baba Shrestha


Aum Oldage Home