Nepal, one one of the countries with majority of HINDUS in the world, is situated on the lap of Mount Everest "ROOF OF THE WORLD". Its custom and social activities are based on "BASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM" (THE WHOLE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY). It's also the prime pilgrimage destinations for Hindus and Buddhists, the Land of PASUPATINATH and birthplace of LORD BUDDHA.

Being a third world country in terms of development, the graphic position of finance is going down day-by-day due to poverty and illiteracy. At present, trend of urbanization, Global migration, foreigh employment and many other factors have compelled oldage people to be isolated from their children. On the other hand, the concept of nuclear family and inter-caste marriage also have contributed Nepalese new generation for leaving seperated from their parents even if they are old. So, the life of senior citizens, irrespective of caste, ethnicity, religion and geographical region, is being difficult & helpless. For the welfare of such helpless senior citizens, AUM OLDAGE HOME will provide a good service and care with respect and honour for their retired life.

AUM OLDAGE HOME is established with the following AIMS and OBJECTIVES:


2/8/2011-We are proud to launch our official site.

2/8/2011- other news will be coming soon.


Spiritual Lecture (Bhajan) each morning & evening

Three Meals for all

Pray Hall

Walking Grounds and more.